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Randy #5

Randy found all the talk of “special powers,” large or small, not only annoying but dangerous. Some of the follies involved were amusing, he supposed, but he wished that more folks would learn to humble themselves at the imits of the evidence.

He scanned the internet groups, and when he found pe…

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Skott (#4)

The sheer fact that it was possible – for him at least – to nudge strangers or their personal items into harm’s way, without having to touch them, didn’t seem all that surprising to Skott. What thrilled him, each time, was how good it felt.

Skott didn’t remember his first one, nor did he sp…

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Terry (#3)

Terry grew up as a city kid, and it seemed as if the boys had always been after her.  She was warm, and engaging, and as a teenager, she liked dating and kissing but she was never promiscuous. Indeed, even as an adult, sexual arousal came slowly to her, even in the few intimate relationships she ha…

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Stephan (#2)

Stephan had failed progressively downward in his choice of careers.


He had applied for medical school, but his scores and his grades were not even close to qualifying. He then started the EMT training, and was promptly booted out for insubordination. So here he was, instructing staff in an assis…

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