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Randy #5

Randy found all the talk of “special powers,” large or small, not only annoying but dangerous. Some of the follies involved were amusing, he supposed, but he wished that more folks would learn to humble themselves at the imits of the evidence.

He scanned the internet groups, and when he found people talking about this-or-that “paranormal power” or “psychic ability,” he sent a discreet little note to an assessment site maintained by him.

At his site, the visitor was encouraged to try the standard battery of PSI card tests for precog, clairvoyance, claraudience,  etc. Never in 5 years had a single visitor scored results significantly beyond chance. As he expected—that was the point, to educate the deluded, and the searchers, and to inoculate them with a healthy dose of skepticism. Some of the notes left by visitors in the free-text forum were angry, some were strident and offended, some were deeply funny.

Then there was the guy who kept putting up near-perfect scores on the “guess-the-card” test.

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